We believe in integrating principles and methodologies in our approach that deliver the highest impact and value for our clients. Our methodologies are sourced internally, through case proven applications and from our trusted partners, Taylor Protocols, The Executive Coaching University and the Mastermind Group.


Assessments are the foundation of development. Most of our training sessions begin with assessments to help you discover:

  • Who you are
  • How you relate to others
  • How “who you are” relates to what you do
  • What your natural capacities are and where/how you can increase that natural capacity through learned consciousness and skills development
  • Alignment between your roles and responsibilities and how you naturally will excel

At the organizational level, we work with your Executive Team and their departments to assess the alignment between an individual’s natural capacity and the roles and responsibilities they currently perform.

Through pre-employment assessments we will analyze who your incoming top performers will be within a current position and allow your organization to make informed, guaranteed placement decisions. This will save you thousands of dollars on your bottom line in wasted training and development of the wrong individual.

Give us two days with your Executive Team and we will assess the strength and balance of your current leadership team. We facilitate a review of past performance relative to goals and objectives for the company and for each person over the past few years. We help the team clarify current strategies for company development over the coming few years.

80/20 — Right Person, Right Seat

Most organizations still run under the 80/20 principle where 20% of the work force is doing 80% of the work. This is an endemic in almost every position, in every company, across all industries. The performance bell curve still ends up being 10% A performers, 15% B performers, 50% C performers and 25% D performers. This results in an almost uniform 33% human capital efficiency.

Through assessments and coaching we will determine and develop a plan for your Executive Team to put the right people in the rights seat.

  • We assess who you are (your natural capacities) and add what you are (your personality, skills, competencies and talents) to allow you to work at your highest capacity making your highest contribution.
  • We will do this for an individual, a department or an entire organization.
  • By turning the 80/20 rule on its head, our clients will experience increased productivity, decreased human capital expenditures and maximized business profits.


We offer one to two day training and development for your organization:

  • Conflict Resolution — one to two day training along with mediated coaching follow-up to develop the capacity to effectively facilitate conflict to create a win/win outcome.
  • Organizational Development — one to two day facilitation along with mediated coaching to support successful mergers & acquisitions, organizational restructurings and leadership development.
  • Leadership Development — one to two day facilitation along with mediated coaching to support your organizational culture, change leadership and leadership development.
  • Business Optimization — we will work with your organization to develop strategies within your current people, systems and processes to guarantee optimal outcomes. We will help you and your organization make optimal decisions by helping you ensure the right people, with the right fit, apply Key Business Principles and utilize the Problem Resolution Process to make optimal decisions, every day, at every level of the organization.
  • Coach training for HR and Management — 5 week course training you on how to coach your staff to develop increased productivity, decrease absenteeism and engage employees.