Jenna is always coming from the view of what is best for the client. She brings in resources that will augment her satisfaction of her clients’ needs. She gives thoughtful, focused, effective counsel to her clients in a pleasing manner. Bert Holeton,
The Mastermind Group, CEO

Our management team really enjoyed working with Jenna as she facilitated our strategic planning workshop. She is very personable and knowledgeable. Using standard tools combined with a patient and instructive approach she is very adept at helping people learn about themselves and each other in a team setting. Iain Cuthbert,
Streamline Environmental Consulting Ltd, President

Do you want someone with the highest level of integrity? Someone who has a highly refined gift of helping others bring out the best in themselves? Someone who cares enough to truly serve her clients? Jenna is the person for you! Work with her, and get ready to unlock the gifts that you may not even know you have! A. Drayton Boylston,
The Rescue Institute, LLC, Executive Coaching Leader, CEO

Jenna is a leader who models sharing, cooperation, consideration, and inclusion. Being of service to others comes naturally to Jenna, and she easily creates an environment where people feel valued and important. Jenna is open to new ideas, creativity and conversation while able to maintain focus and momentum.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Jenna because she has such a high degree of integrity, and she’s fun! I give Jenna a super-high endorsement and would encourage you to include Jenna in your professional world – she will be a wonderful addition. Laura McCafferty,
Leadership BC Central Vancouver Island, Coach