Leading vs. Managing

By: Jenna Forster

Are you Leading or are you Managing?

Turnover can cost a company 24 times a person’s salary.

More than two million workers say their bosses are so overworked they don’t really have time to manage their staff properly.

80% of people never use their greatest gifts at work.

Sound familiar?  Can you recognize this within your own organization?

What’s happening within our workforce to allow for this impact of statistics?  Most organizations are running at about a 33% human capital, aka your employees, efficiency.  Why?

We believe it comes down to poor leadership; it ripples from the top down.  We have spent so much energy creating “good managers” that we have become disengaged with what it means to be a good leader.

Managing comes from a need to produce an outcome which is a very big reality; however, when we can move to a place of leading those around us, the organizational momentum transforms.  Your employees, more than anything, want to make a contribution and be a part of something.  It’s time to lead that charge and enable your workforce through focus, alignment, action and accountability.


Jenna Forster

Director of Operations and Training

Executive Coaching University

Leading vs. Managing