Executive Coaching with Jenna

Executive Coach working with clients who are forward thinking and committed to the development of their own internal leadership capacities. Jenna’s coaching approach will include a great deal of coaching, learning, training and teaching about how behavior creates outcomes.  Jenna coaches executives using the dynamic intersection of leadership, neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and spirituality.  Jenna works diligently to ensure her clients are moving in the right direction with focus to naturally make their highest contribution. Jenna will help you keep challenges in perspective, she is practical, honest, respectful, supportive and motivating in every engagement you have with her.

The Inner Game – Leadership Training for Leadership Teams – 3 hours

Building strong leaders is imperative to the success of your organization.  Ineffective habitual behaviors have a direct counterproductive effect on your leadership. Spend three hours with us in a powerful learning environment that will shift your team away from the typical high stress, high reactionary leadership that is affecting your bottom line and causing chaos all around you.

According to a study by The Ken Blanchard Companies, the average organization is losing an amount equal to 7% of its annual sales because of poor leadership.” ~hr.toolbox.com

Benefits to each participant can include but are not limited to:

  • Confidence and tools to engage more effectively
  • Reduction of the impact stress is having on your level of leadership
  • Clarity on the habitual behaviors that are holding your leadership back
  • Development of new skills to handle difficult situations.

Leadership Development & Mindful Leader Program

Your current and future leaders require the self-management to successfully guide themselves and their teams through challenges.  As part of our commitment to the vibrancy of your organization we offer the following programs;

The Mindful Leader Program

Mindfulness should no longer be considered a “nice to have” for executives. It’s a “must have.”

~Harvard Business Review

Are you ready to build leaders that can lead the rapidly changing workforce? Mindfulness is the critical piece of leadership that can make a huge difference in your organization and your people. Our powerful on-site workshop will provide dramatic, proven benefits to all attendees, as well as your entire organization. Neuroscience-based Mindfulness Training is a critical skill that every leader needs.

  • The business world is abuzz about mindfulness. The hype is backed by hard science. Hundreds of studies have proven its effectiveness.
  • Meditators demonstrate superior performance on tests of self-regulation, resisting distractions, and making correct answers.
  • Mindfulness can literally change your brain. Meditators have more gray matter in the frontal cortex, which is associated with executive decision-making.

How Mindfulness Benefits Organizations – Meditation = Money!

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater clarity and focus
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Decreased absenteeism due to illness
  • Reduced healthcare and insurance costs

“We reduced our healthcare costs by 7% using meditation and yoga.”
~Mark Bertolini, Aetna CEO

How Mindfulness Makes Better Leaders 

  • Improved self-management
  • Greater productivity
  • Higher level of self-awareness
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better perspective
 Mindfulness Reduces Stress

  • Stress and low engagement levels cost U.S. businesses $326 Billion a year.
  • 85% of all illness is stress related.
  • Healthcare professionals estimate that 40% of people have an addiction issue.
  • 60-hour work weeks have become the norm.
Would you believe you can become… 

  • A better leader
  • More productive
  • Highly creative
  • Less stressed
  • Happier

In 10 minutes a day?

 Meditation – What’s In It For Me?

  • Greater productivity
  • More creativity
  • Less stress
  • Sounder sleep
  • More peacefulness
  • Better focus
  • Happiness!

Recent feedback from our clients

“Jenna’s whole presentation was a lot of new, amazingly simple, but incredibly enlightening info.”

“Jenna’s presentation was particularly educational and insightful.”

“[Jenna’s presentation] gave me a real sense as to why people react/respond the way they do.”

The poor health of your employees is costing you millions.  85% of all illness is stress related.  Healthcare professionals estimate that 40% of people have an addiction issue.  Spend time with us in a facilitated learning environment to learn how to be a better leader, a better person, and a healthier, happier employee.

Consider the results you are looking for and contact us to have a conversation.