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The Perspective Shifter and more

Perspective Shifter

Image by Dan DeAlmeida

I’m called to do this work. My strength is in allowing leaders to understand how best to calibrate their perspectives using mental, emotional, physical, and energetic angles.

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Holistic Leader

With two decades of Executive Coaching experience and as a leading expert in combining coaching and neuroscience, I disrupt the status quo by bringing 4 levels of attention; mind, body, emotion and energy to executive coaching to support leaders in shifting their perspective.

Human Nature

I’m a proud mother to two young adult sons and love being a parent. I’m a straight shooter, who colours outside the lines to explore the unconventional and lead with curiosity. I find a sense of stability, insight, and clarity when I connect with my own stillness and ground myself in its power to provide answers that were not available to us previously. 


Co-creating a
pay-it-forward community

I believe in individuals finding their voices to become confident leaders and communicators. I have always allocated time to mentoring folks in their personal development. As an executive coach I see first hand that there can be barriers in accessing tools and services for personal development.


My goal is to co-create a pay-it-forward community with the leaders I work with. So together, we can remove financial barriers in service of lifting up and supporting the growth of emerging leaders with coaching opportunities.

Continual Learner

My role is to ensure I am equipped and knowledgeable in all aspects of supporting your transformational journey. I continually study the latest information and techniques to shift your perspective and connect with your intellect, spirit and energy. I’m a continual learner in service of the work we will do together.

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