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Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught. Below you will find a selection of resources in service of growing and expanding your learning.

Insightful & Informative

As an Executive Coach my journey is always driven by providing learning opportunities. This is a collection of insightful and informative conversations I’ve had with industry leaders to discuss the foundational aspects of personal development.

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The resilience of embracing your vulnerability

Have you ever felt like you might be allergic to your vulnerability? An Executive Coach who was raised to not show vulnerability, Jenna Forster, founder of JF & Associates, joins Beth in the resilience conversation this week to share how her journey with lyme disease was the path that helped transform her vulnerability allergy into her resilience strength. 


Are You Well Connected?

You are connected, you are having an affect, you have influence and you make a contribution. How well you do any of that is up to you! It is hard to lead others with clarity and direction if you are not connected to yourself.

Take a listen and see what I mean.

Are You Well Connected
The Progress of Finding Ourselves.png

The Process of Finding Ourselves

What is the connection between mindfulness and finding ourselves? How present are you in anything you are doing?
We are conditioned to react to everything around us, let’s take a listen and see how we can grow by slowing down.
Together we can move in the direction we want!

The Process of Finding Ourselves
The sahdow side of leadership.jpeg

The Shadow Side of Leadership

There is so much information available on how to become a better leader.

Join myself and Greg Styles as we discuss what leaders should STOP doing!

The Shadow Side of Leadership

Dirty Rotten Millennials

When it comes to shifting perspective there is much we can learn from all generations.

Dirty Rotten Millennials is a podcast developed by my nephew Jonah. It is an honour to engage in conversation with him as we explore the differences and similarities that millennials have with other generations. We discuss a multitude of topics to help better understand each other and what makes us tick.

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