Dynamic and direct, Jenna provides Executive Coaching that specializes in shifting perspectives and behavior to create positive alignment with your goals.

Executive Coaching that works with your internal capacity on 4 levels, mental, emotional, physical and energetic.  Our work together will include a great deal of coaching, teaching, learning and experiencing about how your intellect and energy awareness combine to make you who you are.

  • Over 18 years of direct Executive Coaching experience

  • Certified Mindful Leader Facilitator

  • 11 years of senior management experience

  • Classified as one of the Top Behavioral Leadership Coaches worldwide

  • Leading expert in combining Coaching and Neuroscience

  • Thought leader in the world of executive coaching in the workplace

  • Team Dynamics Trainer

  • Mentor

  • Leadership Coach

  • Leadership Development Coach

  • Brain Science Coach

  • Certified Facilitator of the Learning to Love Curriculum

Some of Jenna’s training consist of:

  • Psychology of Leadership Certificate, Cornell University

  • Executive Coaching through The Rescue Institute and Coach Training International

  • Mastermind Executive Coach through Executive Coaching University

  • Brain and Neuro-plasticity Certification through Quantum University

  • Team Dynamics Training through Taylor Protocols

  • Life Coaching through The Academy of Coaching

  • Spiritual Psychic Graduate Practicum through Intuition University

  • Advanced Intuitive Training through Energy Matters Academy


J. Forster & Associates

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