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Dynamic and direct, Jenna provides Intuitive Executive Coaching that specializes in shifting perspectives and behavior to create positive alignment with your goals.

Intuitive Executive Coaching that works with your internal capacity on 4 levels, mental, emotional, physical and energetic.  Our work together will include a great deal of coaching, teaching, learning and experiencing about how your intellect and energy awareness combine to make you who you are.

  • Over 18 years of direct Executive Coaching experience

  • Certified Mindful Leader Facilitator

  • 11 years of senior management experience

  • Classified as one of the Top Behavioral Leadership Coaches worldwide

  • Leading expert in combining Coaching and Neuroscience

  • Thought leader in the world of executive coaching in the workplace

  • Team Dynamics Trainer

  • Mentor

  • Leadership Coach

  • Leadership Development Coach

  • Brain Science Coach

  • Certified Facilitator of the Learning to Love Curriculum

Some of Jenna’s training consist of:

  • Psychology of Leadership Certificate, Cornell University

  • Executive Coaching through The Rescue Institute and Coach Training International

  • Mastermind Executive Coach through Executive Coaching University

  • Brain and Neuro-plasticity Certification through Quantum University

  • Team Dynamics Training through Taylor Protocols

  • Life Coaching through The Academy of Coaching

  • Spiritual Psychic Graduate Practicum through Intuition University

  • Advanced Intuitive Training through Energy Matters Academy

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